Retiro da Fraguinha is a bucolic and quiet rural campsite, located between Arada and Freita Mountains, parish council of Candal, council of S. Pedro do Sul. It is extended over two acres of wooded land, crossed by a small river of crystal clear water.

The luxuriant landscape that surrounds it, has transformed it naturally into a place protected by birches; beech trees; cupressus; oaks; broom tree; heather tree; ferns and many other species that invite to a true path of environmental interpretation and landscape contemplation.

The singing of birds, crickets and frogs that inhabit the park and the surrounding dam, lull all who seek a restful sleep or atmosphere of stillness and harmony, to rest far from the bustle of daily routine.

A park where each person is asked to lose track of time, in order to find beauty in simple things, in an environment of sharing, human enhancement and healthy living.