Per Person
Designation Price
Up to 4 years FREE
From 5 to 10 years old 2,40€
Adult 3,80€


Tent, Kitchen, Awning
Designation Price
Until 3 m2 2,80€
From 3 m2 to 12 m2 3,40€
From 12 m2 to 20 m2 3,80€
More than 20 m2 6,00€


Caravan, Moto Caravan, Trailers
Designation Price
Until 4 m 3,80€
From 4 to 6 m 4,80€
More than 6 m 6,00€
Car 3,00€
Motorcycle or Motorbicycle 1,50€
Electricity 1,65€
Visits 3,20€
Pets * 1,85€

 * “Animals are our friends”, however, and for the safety of everyone, it is required to show the Vaccination Record and to sign the Term of Responsibility or to present the personal Liability Insurance. Pets can only walk on a leash.

Birches House (Price per Day)
Designation Price
T1   50,00€
T2   80,00€

Each apartment has a kitchen (equipped with stove, fridge and kitchenware), bathroom and a double room. The price includes towels, bed linen and free car parking.

NOTE: Prices shown include VAT at the legal rate.
We do not have payment by ATM

Em caso de litígio o consumidor pode recorrer a uma Entidade de Resolução Alternativa de Consumo.

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Telemóvel: 919 225 540
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